[Official] How to candidate for Clan Wars

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[Official] How to candidate for Clan Wars

Post  Floyd on Sun 10 May - 13:14

Hi members of other clan Smile

You want to fight against us in a Clan War (CW) ?
So open a topic on this section

The name of the topic will be the name of your team

example : your team's name is Afraid Clan so open a topic called Afraid Clan Very Happy

In this topic you will write :

-If you have a forum put the link of your forum
-number of members of your clan
-on what type of game you want to fight and the map Wink
example : ITC often plays CTF on the map 5, so it is CTF5 Cool
-your hours (when you can fight Wink )
-your clan level : noob, medium, pro

For any questions post it in the candidature, LT the ITC Diplomat will answer Wink
I hope to see many and many clans for CW Very Happy

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